by Gestapolis

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released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Gestapolis Kastrup, Denmark

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Track Name: MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)
Military doctrine of terror balance
Precipice of apocalyptic war
Breeding ground for the holocaust
Certain death for all mankind
Peace through strength equlibrium
Now launch the preemptive strike!

Mutual assured destruction
Death from above

Dr manhattans
gammaray bukkakke

Doctor Strangelove
Mental illness

Absolute war
Doomsday device

Bombs away
Fire in the hole

Nuclear destruction
Kill us all
Track Name: Republogican
Flogging the weak
United by hate
And lust for control
But why are there sores on our backs

Must be all them faggots
Must be all them liberals

Rainbow coloured shadows
Across the land
I have a god given right
To be ignorant and bland

Flogging the weak
United by hate
And lust for control
But why are there sores on our backs
Track Name: Profit

Paying for forgiveness
Seeking transcendence
No place for us
No heretics – no poor

Give Profit
Receive Love
Institution is

Jahve – Wargod

All powerful god of commerce
Praise him with wealth, profit
The heretics – the poor

Give Profit
Receive Love
Institution is
Track Name: Honeypot
I make the decisions
For both of us to night
You just broke up with your man
And now you’re mine
Drunken haze
Wedding days
Unholy gin matrimony

My grooms dress
This beer stained mess

Now you’re mine
For all time!
Track Name: Fejlgearet
Min virkelighed, mit slørede perspektiv
Pillernes ubesværede liv
Uden piller, øjenlåg så tunge som bly
Maden tvinges ned med fucking afsky!

Sindet samles
Pulsen spredes
Roen sænkes
Kvalmen øges x2

Frarøvet mit stof
Frygten holder hof
Freden er forbi 
Festen er begyndt

Energien er abnorm
Søvnen truer med sit horn
Skudt med passivitet
Alting sker uden at ske!
Track Name: FML
Black out again
My breakfast is a handful of pills
Fuck my life
Nausea winning over appetite

Shotgun blast to my face
The sickness is like a wall
My body brought to a crawl
The river numbs the frontal lobes

Fuck my life
Vomit in my shoes

Bruised and beat my body aches
The toilet is my pillow
Who needs comfort
When they’re dead drunk